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Agenda detallada CRM Saturday Madrid



Detailed Agenda for Madrid – 3er June 2017


Auditorium Titan (Spanish)

Sala Orion (English)






Xamarin and Dynamics 365 from Zero to Hero

Mario Trueba (300)


Mobile Applications are becoming more and more important nowadays, the way people interact with their customer’s information has changed from a Web Browser Classic Experience to a any time , any place situation where our customers would want to consume the information by using multiple platforms and multiple locations. Xamarin Platform was around for a while until it got acquired by Microsoft bringing the Mono Framework in the .NET Family. For a .NET Developer confident with C# it is the perfect way of building applications for Android and iOS without having to learn Swift or the Android SDK. Join us in this session where we will build together a Xamarin Forms Application that can run on the 3 main platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and connects to Dynamics 365 to handle simple CRUD Operations while authenticating with Azure Active Directory.

Effective Emergency Response in Dynamics CRM with Azure IoT and Microsoft Bot Framework

Stefano Tempesta (MVP) (200)


Schools at a large educational organisation handle thousands of students every week in more than 150 locations worldwide. Emergencies may happen with no notice, whether for weather-related events or a terrorist attack. How do they react promptly and safeguard the security and safety of their students and staff around the world?

A system of multiple communication channels is used to reach out on students and inquiry about their safety. The last known location is tracked with GPS units and its data collected and analysed via the Azure IoT Hub; automatic messages and calls in multiple languages are initiated from the CRM and replies processed by a bot built with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Targeted at software architects, developers and product owners, this session explores the core capabilities of the Azure IoT and Microsoft Bot Framework in providing an integrated and effective solution for immediate response to emergencies using a variety of communication channels.


Coffe Break


Connected Field Services con  Dynamics 365 Azure+IoT

Francisco Moro - Gadesoft (200)


Con Internet of Things IoT Connected Field Services Dynamics 365 se convierte en mantenimiento predictivo en lugar de mantenimiento programado. Cuando el dispositivo/ máquina se rompe, envía una señal a Azure, que según el tipo de problema, envía un ticket a Dynamics 365...

La calidad de la información en tiempo real de IoT relacionadas con diversas tecnologías es la  clave  de la toma de decisiones mediante análisis en herramientas PowerBI y modelos predictivos en Azure Machine Learning.

Solution Release Management with Dynamics 365

Razwan Choudry (MVP) (200)


Azure como integrador de procesos de CRM


Alberto Díaz  (Encamina) (MVP) (400)

Procesos de integración de CRM con la ayuda de servicios PaaS de Azure. Logic Apps y Azure Functions nos permiten integrar tus datos de CRM y el otros orígenes como SQL o SharePoint Online.

Dynamics 365 & Cognitive Services

Marco Amoedo - HCL (300)


Lunch Break


Transformando la experiencia de los clientes y agentes en el Contact Center

Fran Gil (Microsoft - Spanish) (200)


Desarrollemos un modelo de Contact Center ideal marcado por la onmicanalidad, inteligencia, usabilidad, agente personal, asistentes virtuales con un servicio inteligente y una experiencia enfocada a la satisfacción del cliente y el agente.

An Alternate Approach to DevOps for Dynamics 365

Jonas Rapp (MVP) (300)


A.k.a. “Everyday I’m Shuffeling”.

A walkthrough of the different components used to compose a complete CI/CD pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from dev to test and prod using VSTS Build and Release Management with standard and custom tasks.


Dynamics 365 – Las claves para elegir la solución de gestión de proyectos que mejor se adapta a su negocio

Rafael Ansino Lara – Microsoft  Business Developer Manager – Zertia Services
José Manuel González - Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect – Zertia Services (100)


Alineados con la estrategia de transformación digital de una empresa donde sus procesos están orientados a proyecto. Esta sesión muestra las claves y casos de uso relevantes para una correcta elección entre las diferentes soluciones que nos ofrece Dynamics 365 (Project Online, Project Service Automation, AX for Services Industries).


              Finalmente, se mostrará la base funcional y las novedades que nos trae el nuevo Project Service Automation dentro de Dynamics 365, resaltando los puntos fuertes de la solución.

The “Art” of Contact Center Applications – Or USD in 60 minutes

Neil Parkhurst (MVP) (200)


Contact Centers have some unique challenges, in this presentation we’ll look at what they are and how Unified Service Desk can help. I will then demystify USD by showing that creating application is definitely not an art.


The Three Musketeers (TBC - Spanish) Cognitive Service + Xamarin + Workflows +Azure

Demian Raschkovan (MVP) - Mario Trueba - Marco Amoedo (400)


Tres mosqueteros con muchos años de experiencia con Dynamics y con mucho enfoque técnico os mostraran cada uno tres tips muy desarrollados para dar ideas, compartir experiencias y enfoques sobre diferentes soluciones con Dynamics 365.

Todos para uno y uno para todos!

Test Automation Framework for Dynamics 365 / CRM

Jordi Montana (MVP) (400)


An introduction to Fake XRM Easy, the testing framework for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, which runs on an In-Memory context and deals with mocks or fakes for you.




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